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What Does That Mean


Out-Of-Office is a work in progress, an effort to create a new infrastructure for site specific installations and taking visual art on tour. We believe the arts provide the most powerful opportunity to share ideas, inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder, and motivate people to examine divisive ideologies. Art can be thrilling, fun, bizarre, challenging, political, but most of all, good art stays with you. We want to help share it. Out-Of-Office works with artists to reach new people by facilitating installations and touring exhibitions around the world. 

Meanwhile, Out-Of-Office also works with brands and organizations such MIT Media Lab, Safecast, New Harvest, SXSW + Mercedes-Benz to host conversations about today's critical topics such as open access to information, funding scientific research, exploring answers to food security and climate change, and the ethical implications of new technology such as AI, synthetic biology and gene editing. We're really into thinking critically about the shared future we want, and how to get there. 

At the moment, Out-Of-Office is run by Morgan Catalina, a creative producer who has worked across music, tech, social design and art for the last ten years. She is currently based in Amsterdam, exploring alternative ways of living, marveling at pioneering experiments in the arts, and embarrassing herself learning Dutch. Morgan cares strongly about creating a more inclusive, resilient world through cultural exchange, striking new strategic partnerships, and introducing people to unexpected ideas. Building new stuff, from a brand or community to a bike share or silent room, is what she loves to do. While its fun to start a company and move to a far away land, she did it looking for fresh ideas and collaborators to help build new opportunities for artists and creatives. If that's you - say hi