Out-Of-Office is an independent, creatively-driven company supporting the arts and advancing dialogue for social change through strategic alliances, collaborative events and international exchange.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Rogosin


We help artists connect with new audiences.

The arts provide a powerful opportunity to share ideas, inspire curiosity and motivate people to examine their world. We help artists showcase their work through curating installations, project management, and securing opportunities to tour installations abroad. 


Children of the Light


Circus Family

We’re working with this Dutch audio/visual design collective to research and develop a new artistic urban intervention to showcase abroad. We help at every step of the way, from concept to booking and production to promotion.


Valley of the Possible

This refugio in Cañón del Blanco, a remote part of the Chilean Andes, offers artists, scientists, writers and other creatives the time, space and resources to re-conceptualize conservation and our relationship to nature. Our role is to provide guidance in production, assisting with multiple aspects of creating the foundation and Chilean residency.


Simon Heijdens

Following the successful commission and creation of Silent Room at SXSW, we’re seeking new opportunities to provide audiences a moment of true silence and sensory deprivation in this custom anechoic chamber installation.


Previous Collaborations



by Hans Ulrich Obrist and ForYourArt
(photo by Stefanos Notopoulous).

me Convention (photo by Patrick Kuschfeld)

me Convention (photo by Patrick Kuschfeld)

Infinity Room

by Refik Anadol


Nicole L'Huillier

Sound compositions at me Convention, 2017


Elvin Flamingo


Pi in the Sky


Augmented Reality Mural


Simon Heijdens