Out-Of-Office is an independent, creatively-driven company supporting the arts and advancing dialogue for social change through strategic alliances, collaborative events and international exchange.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Rogosin


We bring together artists, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas.

We love helping people share ideas and make new connections by producing events – from overarching concept and strategy to curating talks, booking talent, developing partnerships and providing creative direction. Since 2016, we've collaborated on a wide range of events and created Hot Takes, our own series focused on sexuality.


Hot Takes 2017, 2018 & 2019

Hot Takes is our latest project: an international event series highlighting fresh perspectives on contemporary sex, love and relationships. As technology and innovation propel us forward, what are the possibilities for our romantic relationships? From reproduction in the anthropocene to decriminalizing sex work and the multiverse of relationship styles, how are our relationships and conception of sex evolving?

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New Harvest Conference 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

Out-Of-Office created and executed a comprehensive event strategy to help establish New Harvest as the leading convener in this developing industry. From presenting the latest research to an exhibition for guests to smell, touch, and taste new products and prototypes, we helped build the experience from conception to execution.


me Convention 2017 & 2018

Mercedes-Benz and SXSW joined forces to create a three day experience inviting guests into a critical exploration the future through the lens of science, technology and art. Out-Of-Office helped to develop the me Convention program concept, secured key speakers and artists, and consulted on all elements of the event's creative direction, marketing and onsite execution.


South By Southwest 2017 & 2018

To translate the spirit and vision of me Convention to Austin, Texas, we helped produce a series of mystery talks, art installations, and pop-up events in March, showcasing the creativity and ideas SXSW would bring to Frankfurt and Stockholm.

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PRIMER Conference 2017

PRIMER shines a spotlight on the critical topics of likely and possible future that demand a design response now. It inspires people to use futures design thinking to develop new agendas for communities, businesses, and governments. We advised the founders on how to best develop this emerging event, and guided speakers throughout their experience.


Our World, Our Data Conference 2017

Safecast and MIT Media Lab convened experts from the public and private sectors to explore issues surrounding environmental data, discuss the consequences and impact of its uses, and examine who we trust and why. Out-Of-Office assisted with speaker relations, ensuring clear communication and smooth operations onsite.