Out-Of-Office is an independent, creatively-driven company supporting the arts and advancing dialogue for social change through strategic alliances, collaborative events and international exchange.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Rogosin



Out-Of-Office is a cultural production company supporting the arts and advancing dialogue for social change.

Through strategic alliances, collaborative events and international exchange, we bring people together around key issues impacting society. Our latest project, Hot Takes, is an event series focused on the evolution of sex, love and relationships. In the last year, we've also worked with MIT Media Lab, Safecast, New Harvest, Nick Verstand, SXSW + Mercedes-Benz to explore critical topics such as trust and privacy, open access to information, funding scientific research, and the ethical implications of emerging technologies including AI, synbio and gene editing. We love taking today's important conversations one step further.


Morgan Catalina creates experiences that build community around art, science and technology. In 2016, she founded Out-Of-Office as a platform to support pioneering experiments in the arts, host challenging conversations about technology and society, and connect people across industries. Her work focuses on educating and uniting people to build a more inclusive, resilient world. Morgan served as Executive Producer of SXSW Eco and co-founded the SXSW Art Program after studying English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Georgia. She is currently based in Amsterdam, where she enjoys boat day on the canals, road trips, celebrating International Sequin Appreciation Day and embarrassing herself learning Dutch.


Carolyn Harrold specializes in creating content for live events that aims to foster collaboration to address our world's most complex challenges. Throughout her career, she has brought together leaders in industry, government, media and the not-for-profit world and helped organizations of all sizes activate events to achieve their goals. Highlights include collaborations with Bloomberg, SXSW, The White House under President Obama, The State Department, IDEO, MIT, Google, HBO, ESPN, Adobe and Canon. Her ideal projects help groups achieve their financial goals while creating a positive social and environmental impact.